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Pulselite - Model 1210 / 2405-2A

Pulselite® Model 1210 /2405-2A can be used on many varieties of general aircraft as well as helicopters (Robinson R22/R44).

Pulses 2 lamps up to 125-watts or 1 lamp up to 250-watts. Good for nearly all small aircraft and rotorcraft (R22/R44) providing plenty of recognition and visibility.

Pulselite Canada - Pulselite Model 1210

Pulselite Unit Specifications

Colour Black
Control Voltage 24/28 VDC
Input Voltage 12 or 24 VDC
Output 2 channels x 125W - 1 channel 250W max.
Output Channels 2
Pulse Rate 45 cycles/min.
Height 1.88"
Width 4.70"
Depth 3.00"
Weight 1 lbs.
TCAS Feature  

STC for Pulselite Unit

Canadian STC for Aircraft.

American STC for Aircraft.

Manual for Pulselite Unit

Installation Manual for Pulselites® 1210 unit.